Owl City Hello Seatle Remix

Just got back from a long week of good clean Christian fun at my buddies cottage and on my way back home in my state, definitely not hungover at all, my friend Julian put on this song. I kind of instantly fell in love with it and once you listen to it you shall see why. I’m not gunna bore you with a bunch of random info about the song and honestly I have no idea who made this remix, I think it was Owl City but am not sure, and I am way to overtired to care. I will find some sort of download link. Owl City is sick. Peace.

P.S. just a little info the song picks up from mellow piano and shit to crazy beats at around 1:15 so stick it out till then.

P.P.S. I feel like a big duster putting up this song seeing as it was made in 2009, however its still a big ol’ jam.

Download Song: Click Here

Hello Seattle (Official Remix) / Owl City by edemont1